Fusion Media Marketing


We want you to be MARKETING AWESOME!

The small, part-time business Scott & Linette Nyberg started some 20+ years ago has evolved over time.  In 1992, NYBS Video Productions was formed to make small sports highlight films for local teams in Central Iowa. In 1995, without a job or place to live, Scott & Linette moved to St. Louis to work with some friends in the video industry until 2000. About then, Scott took his first flash course and Linette had realized her passion for design. No longer a video shop, the name changed to SLNyberg Creative.

In 2011, The Nyberg Group, partnered with some of the most talented people we have met over the years. We provided solutions in all areas of print, web, video, animation, elearning, and social media. Large and small companies, individuals, and non-profits all deserve the same consistent service.

In 2021, Fusion Media Marketing, intends to take things to the next level. The name has changed. The branding has changed. The passion to create the best possible product for you has not. We intend to exceed your expectations in the area of design, web, video, website hosting/maintenance and now reputation management. We are MARKETING AWESOME!

Our Team

Experience, experience, experience!
Scott Nyberg
James Bond
Sales / Reputation Management
Rich Roden
Garry Currant
Illustrator/Logo Design​
Andy Turner
Nick Yepez
Hosting/Business Intelligence/Infrasture​
Vincent Soriano
WordPress/ Backend Development​